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While I'm not knee deep in enjoyment with the undertaking of projects, I like to keep my clients and visitors up to date with the latest news and work from my studio and home in London, United Kingdom. Whether it's work life, client problem solving, learning new things, personal or family life - I enjoy telling stories.

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Take your project off hold now - START receiving web and mobile design project proposals and quotations, the easy way

18th January 2018 Micro Post Inspirational Post

I’m asking you right now to kickstart that project back in motion - do not delay! Starting a web or mobile startup projects can be a scary task, some even put the whole thing on hold and never get…

Launching the official SKOOLping® landing page website design

10th January 2018 Micro Post SKOOLping Post

Towards the end of 2017, we kicked the SKOOLping landing page ideas and concepts into production. This involved the creation of the page website design within Photoshop, then reproducing into a…

Setting 2018 with 6 goals. What I will focus, progress and experiment with throughout 2018

5th January 2018 Inspirational Post

Rolling into a new year, always and naturally means setting new personal and business goals. 2018 will be a challenge, I know that and I thrive for this. Through 2017, I probably focused more with…

Meltdown and Spectre Vulnerability Update

4th January 2018 Micro Post News Post

Confirmation on your security and protection against Meltdown and Spectre, a CPU flaw from CPU vulnerability, that could relate to your hosting infrastructure

Wish you a Merry Christmas, with a free downloadable Christmas Card design

19th December 2017 Micro Post Inspirational Post

I enjoy this time of the year, it is the time for giving, after all. Therefore this is my message to you all, wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas - plus a digital gift that you can use to…

2017 Christmas Advert lineup and the nutshell punchline meaning behind them

11th December 2017 Inspirational Post

The line up so far for this years Christmas adverts are promising, and starting early it seams. I’ve seen some with true meaning, and others with no meaning behind them (apart from the general message…

Creating PFX Certificate Files and installing SSL Certificates on your Microsoft Azure Web App Service

23rd November 2017 Tuts Post

If you don’t know much about HTTPS, SSL, CSR, PFX, CRT, P7B and manage a Cloud Hosting Infrastructure, such as Azure, then you may find it confusing when asked to supply .pfx files to bind and secure…

A breakdown of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), as outlined by the ICO (Information Commissioner's Office)

17th November 2017 News Post

It can be quite overwhelming when new laws and regulations are introduced, so for you, I’m going to take everything the ICO have said and reduce it into a type of simplified “crash course”. This will…

The not so “shocking” costs involved for your design and development solutions

12th November 2017 Web Design Post

For years I've witnessed many that seem to enter a state of shock by the proposed costs of design and development services, and to this day I'm still questioning why? Maybe it's because of these try…

Progress on ‘SKOOLping’ and why there's been a substantial delay?

30th October 2017 Micro Post SKOOLping Post

Two steps forward, one step back. It seems with all startups there are hurdles to jump through and bridges to climb, with every step of progress. It just happens that the brand I have come to create…