10th January 2018 Micro SKOOLping Post

Launching the official SKOOLping® landing page website design

Towards the end of 2017, we kicked the SKOOLping landing page ideas and concepts into production. This involved the creation of the page website design within Photoshop, then reproducing into a functional working website, launching in early 2018. The purpose of the SKOOLping landing page was to clearly put across the direction and vision of SKOOLping. Our vision is to become the leading and most trusted service for education providers to communicate directly with their community.

This early stage of the SKOOLping project took just over two months to; sketch, concept, design, develop and finally move into a launch-able working format. This stage of the project can now be marked as complete and launched, although the landing pages content will continue to develop and grow and things progress with the apps functionality - and as new technologies evolve.

So, without further adieu - please take a loot at the official SKOOLping website.

Visit the Official SKOOLping website

Below is the finalised pre-development design which we produced within Photoshop early November. Included is also an Instagram snap I posted during the website design development. Enjoy :)

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SKOOLping landing page website design concept