18th September 2017 Micro News Post

Updated Terms and Conditions - September 2017

I’ve rolled out a few small changes to my terms and conditions. So to help you keep track, I’ve listed the changes so you don’t have to pull your hear out trying to find what’s updated have been applied. If you have any concerns or questions in relation to these changes, please let me know by sending a quick email to hello@chriswatterston.com - even if you’re just saying “hi".



1. Update in offered service to broaden

Definition of “Services” have been broadened. This now covers all aspects of; design, development, management, optimisation, print or support "Services".

2. Update in ‘backup restoration’ and 'cancelation' fees

Fees have been increased for service ‘backup restoration’ that has client origin, which will be invoiced in the even of the client backup restoration. Project cancelation fees have also increased, these now include the additional cancellation fee of 30% of the total agreed project costs.

3. Services ‘Warranty' period update

Warranty for design and development Services, now hold a limited forty (40) day warranty. There is no warranty on print or support Services.

4. Additional section '7. Services Communication Timeline Terms'

Upon the Clients agreement to Services by Chris Watterston, the Client agrees that at least one (1) point of contact must always be provided, and available, during the contract period to ensure the momentum of the Service is guaranteed. In the event that the agreed point of contact by the Client fails to provide reasonably prompt communication when required by Chris Watterston to keep the Services momentum, which in effect, causes the agreed Services to excessively exceed the estimated Service timeline, an 'Unplanned Service Holding Period' (USHP) may be highlighted and introduced by Chris Watterston towards the Client.

The 'Unplanned Service Holding Period' (USHP) includes an additional fee of 2.5% of the total agreed Service costs, per working week in which the project is at a standstill.

The 'Unplanned Service Holding Period' (USHP) will first be introduced to the Client in the event that a failure of prompt communication has been recognised from the Clients agreed point of contact, causing the Service to enter an unplanned standstill, unless otherwise agreed at the discretion of Chris Watterston.



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