9th September 2016 Web Design Case Study

Surveying up a Website Redesign

CD Surveys Ltd

I've had a long running relationship with CD Surveys Ltd for many years now, resulting in a multitude of large and small projects. Ranging from small development changes, through to their network infrastructure. Working with CD Surveys always gets me exciting because they are open to ideas and moving forward with technology.

Project goal

Spending time discssing previous CD Surveys Ltd website with the directors, David and Andrew, it became clear that CD Surveys Ltd were stuck in the past in terms of their online "message", web presence and technology. The website was being maintained and built in-house, with personnel that were not familar with technologies, nor pushing their website forward - afterall, their day job was being skilled in Surveying and CAD (Computer Aided Design).

There was a need for us to take a level of control and ownership, to ensure areas didn't break or full behind. A full re-design and rebuild was actioned, with a clear messions that the visitor should feel that they have known CD Surveys Ltd for years. A blog was introduced, including more simplified copy and intuitive imagry.

  • Jumping straight to the point

    We designed the websites homepage to tell the visitor their message instantly, providing them a service in which they require.

    Jumping straight to the point


We feel that this project has not yet come to a close, but will continue to "roll" and improve, alongside CD Surveys Ltd. As technology imrpoves, we have plans to continue to implement.

We look forward to see how this project will grow over time!

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