13th June 2014 Brand Design Case Study

Electrical Contractors branding

Tesla Installations Ltd

Tesla Installations Ltd are an An Approved Electrical Company in West London and surrounding areas. They have broad knowledge and specialise in domestic and commercial work.

Project goal

Duncan, the director of Tesla Installations Ltd approched me in January 2014, when his new business was just an idea. He wanted to fulfill a dream of his, to start and build a succussful electrical business. Because it was very early, the startup had no personality to use within it's branding - but it had a vision.

Duncan and I wanted to create his brand with roots which were scalable, strong, and recognisable. Duncan knew what he wanted his company to be called, and knew that he wanted a red logo, the rest was left to me.

  • Logo design

    Logo design
  • Work clothing embroidery design

    Work clothing embroidery design
  • Sticker design

    Sticker design
  • Newspaper advert design

    Newspaper advert design
  • Business card design

    Business card design
  • Website bookmark icon

    Website bookmark icon
  • Website design

    Website design
  • Vehicle signwriting

    Vehicle signwriting
  • Branding guidelines

    Branding guidelines

Lessons Learned

Tesla Installations Ltd was one my first offical startups what I worked with, I had never really created a complete brand for a startup before.  The learning curve was sheer and speedy, but I was in my essence. I thrive to be thown into the deep end to find my feet, so to speak. I enjoyed every second while designing Duncan's brand from his vision, the excitment was clearly apparent from Duncan and myself the more the project progressed.


Working directly with Duncan at Tesla Installations Ltd, we introduced some concept ideas and designs, from which we then collaborated and build what is Tesla Installations' brand today.

From and finalised brand, we continued to developed their brand with guidelines, vehicle signwriting, business cards, content management system (CMS) integrated website, and much more. It was fantastic to work, watch and experience Tesla Installations Ltd grow and develop into a trusted and reliable electrician service.

Find out more, visit their website

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