Project case studies I think you'll enjoy. A small insight into successful solutions.

Solutions that are built from my clients ideas, dreams and requirments - even uncertainty.

Every design or development project are non-identical. These require different tactical methods with slightly different solutions - each completed with passion and determination. Here are a few of my clients projects that not only delivered great client satisfaction, but have exceeded the above and beyond.

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Creating a bespoke web based operations system, that will never be complete

24th January 2018 Development Post

The project first started in 2015, after CD Surveys Ltd moved from Guildford, into their brand new offices in Sunbury-on-Thames. During the move, naturally, network infrastructure, system and work…

Google AdWords campaign landing page design for Land Surveying and Engineering

21st December 2017 Web Design Post

Working closely again with CD Surveys Ltd, we create a simple landing page for their ongoing Google AdWords campaign to allow them to track click, leads and conversions through a solid solution. In…

Supporting heart transplant-related events, causes and charities with a simple logo design

30th November 2017 Brand Design Post

Charity work feels great! I took on a challenge for a gentleman over in the United States serving in an advisory role to UNOS/OPTN (which like the UK's NHS Blood & Transplant). He required a logo /…

St Paul’s escaped Sharepoint for a solid responsive web design solution

23rd October 2017 Web Design Post

Since relaunch 5 months ago, St Paul’s website has had a continuation of fantastic results. Since creating and enabling a truly broad responsive website design solution, we’ve seen a steady increase…

HTML eMail Portfolio

12th October 2017 Development Post

A selected number of HTML emails that have been created over the years, as a portfolio that have been developed for email campaign services, or using a combination of HTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL running…

Ford van graphical sign writing

4th July 2017 Print Design Post

An extension of our relationship with CD Surveys Ltd, they informed us that they have a new fleet of 4 Ford vans that need a touch of branding. I agreed and as a result, we collaborated on the…

Heathside School's unique website design

30th November 2016 Web Design Post

Heathside School, in Weybridge, approached me for their complete website redesign and development. They had recently undertaken the rebrand of their school logo and colouring, and as a result now…

Events website design and graphics

30th November 2016 Web Design Post

Over the first couple of months into 2016, we collaborated with their Director and Event Manager in the design and printing of numerous pieces of artwork. From poster design through to website design…

Personal Assistant design and graphics

21st October 2016 Print Design Post

Designated PA are a rapidly growing London based provider of virtual Executive, Private and Personal Assistant services. Designated make it personal, providing personal assistant and business…

Intelligent Transport Services (ITS) brand design

18th October 2016 Brand Design Post

Intelligent Transport Services shouted “rebrand” at me back in August 2014. Their previous brand was not pretty to say the least. It had a value which unfortunately had expired due to the business…