That feeling inside when you realise your Mobile Application is REAL.

I take pleasure in envisioning, designing and bringing to life your mobile app ideas - through both iOS and Android OS.

I started to design and develop mobile applications because I loved designing and developing for the web. The reason is simple, and I've never looked back. I get a kick out of bringing your ideas and visions into a functional and seeable format. Every new project brings a different set of challenges, combining new and current technologies to guarantee performance, scaling and reliability.

Your mobile app, launch it. Let's take it to your already mobile addicted audience.

There are already so many mobile applications on the market that are identical from one another, you want something unique, something branded - that's what I do. I listen to individuals, start-ups and brands, to uniquely help them prepare them for what hungry excitement lies ahead. From the collaborative planning, through to design, development, testing and launch. Let me create something beautiful for you and your audience. 

DID YOU KNOW - a study showed that the average user spends 67 hours a month browsing on their mobile device, with 90% of that time used within third-party installed applications.

A few benefits that I include as standard into your mobile application solution, and I think you'll really like them.

Swift and Kotlin, always using the latest languages

Your app is built using the latest of OS languages, resulting in great stability and reliability on every level. This also ensures a future proofed foundation, combined with the latest frameworks.

Complete upfront app planning

It’s key that we outline all desired functionality and features in place and “down on paper” before the app process begins. We’ll meet and collaborate on the app as a whole before any design and development work.

100% bespoke design and unique functionality

Every mobile application I design and develop is created from the ground up, with your every need in mind. I believe in a unique product for every service provided to my clients - it’s something I live by.

Complete design introduction, collaboration and satisfaction

We sit down and discuss your every requirement.  After we have created your layout wireframe and initial design, we will introduce our thoughts, ideas, and continue on collaboration.

Branding your App so it really is yours

It’s important that your app is branded to your unique organisation. You should be able to strip your name and logo from your content and still have your users know exactly who’s mobile app they are using.

Publishing to App Stores, I've got this

Publishing an app can be a complicated process which can waste time and cause you a headache. They involve certificates and provisioning profiles. I'll set up the required accounts and get everything ready for you.

Bespoke App CMS, you'll have control

Depending on your app requirements, I'll introduce a bespoke content management system (CMS) for your app. Enabling you to push content, notification and much more - all through to your app in live time.

Keep track with integrated Analytics

Similar to that of the web, I integrate Google Analytics into your app. This allows you to view reports of user numbers, UI uses, what users enjoy accessing and read - all within your mobile application.

Accessibility friendly, throughout

Most mobile OS’s feature built-in accessibility features, accessibility APIs and much more - and I make sure I 100% support these without fail. Supporting EVERY app user!

Get involved with Beta early access

I love the beta testing stage. It’s when your app really comes to life! When runnning beta tests, I can allow multiple users early access - which means even you can beta test, if you’d like?

With knowledge and commitment. For the best and most trusted services in the industry.

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