'There Is No Cloud' Copyright Protection

What I don’t get, is how people think they can steal another persons property, design work in my case, and sell it as their own - or even tweak it slightly and think thats OK.

I wouldn’t dream of stealing another designers work and reselling it as my own.
HELL NO, I wasn't brought up like that. To be a low life scrounger.

That would place myself in the same category as these thieving scummy $&£4’ers that stole my design and many other honest designers work too - and that’s me being polite against them!

So for anyone that would like to enquire or is just passing through my website and is thinking of stealing my PROTECTED design, I encourage you to be smart and contact me via hello@chriswatterston.com before you even right click and ‘Save image as…’ on your desktop, laptop or handheld device. I really don't want to be forced to tag the design with a copyright stamp or my name - come on.

Number of Registration: 5002004
International Design Classification LOC (07) Cl. 99-00

Title: There Is No Cloud
Short Description: A worried looking cloud above the truth filled copy "There is no cloud, it's just someone else's computer".

Disclaimer: No claim made on the typeface and colouring. Colouring and align variations are not limited to that shown in design.

I first noticed my design was stolen back in March 2016, when I saw a photo on Twitter of my ‘There Is No Cloud’ sticker design on a users laptop, but I noticed that the typeface didn’t quite look right. After clicking on the photo, I was shocked to see that the user had actually targeted the photo to another Twitter user. I clicked through to this other user to find that they where actually a sticker printing company, in Turkey, selling and making a profit from my design.

I took a deep breath and contacted the company - who after being updated about the registered protection on the design removed the sticker in a matter of minutes.

5 months later and thinking everything had blown over, I received an email from a good fella from Washington;


and then more - they just kept coming from really great folk from all over the world!


And the friendly and valuable emails just kept coming. To put it into perspective, since receiving the first email on 16th August 2016, until writing this post (24 days later) - I have submitted 70+ infringement claims against companies such as eBay, Facebook, Amazon, Stickker, Teespring, SunFrog, TeeChip and Teezily about my stolen ‘There Is No Cloud’ design.


If you would like to enquire about using my 'There Is No Cloud' design, please contact me directly via, hello@chriswatterston.com.

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I wouldn’t dream of stealing another designers work and reselling it as my own. HELL NO! That would place myself in the same category as the thieving scummy $&£4’ers that…
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