Your New Website Statistics Dashboard

Since the new year, we've been working hard between projects to improve features and services that we provide to you - more specifically, within your Content Management System (CMS). One of the biggest changes you'll notice is our brand new 'Statistics Dashboard'. You'll soon be able to look over your website ‘Views’, ‘Storage’, ‘Traffic’, ‘Uptime’ and a ton more. All live time!

With every website or application we design, develop and launch, we integrate 24/7/365 monitoring, Analytics, Support, Online Style Guideline - and the list goes on.

Throughout March and April, we will be rolling out our brand new 'Statistics Dashboard'. This means that you will be able to log into your Content Management System (CMS) and see all kind of useful information that you never saw before. See for yourself-

Website Design Statistics Dashboard

What do you think, first impressions? Take another look below - from top to bottom.

The 'Statistics Dashboard' will be an ongoing development so will be improved and grow as time goes on. But until then, we'll let you know when yours is ready.

Website Statistics Dashboard Full

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