CD Surveys Ltd

CD Surveys Ltd are a small company based in Surrey, originated from Godalming, with over 22 years in business and 175 years of combined individual experience. CD Surveys have a proven track records with providing some of the UK's biggest house builders with accurate and quality services, such as Barratt, Taylor Wimpey, Bellway, Crest Nicholson, Miller, Berkeley Group, Linden and many London Borough Councils to name but a few - which is why they needed to look the best in their industry and be noticed.

We worked very closely, almost 1-to-1, with the director and office manager at CD Surveys Ltd. Reviewing their current website, collaborating on new designs and ideas. Techniques which now make it possible to get in touch with the team at CD Surveys, providing the required information and receiving a quotation all in one fell swoop.

CD Surveys Limited Corporate iPad Website Design
CD Surveys Limited Corporate Website Responsive Design
CD Surveys Limited Corporate Website Full Design
CD Surveys Ltd

We continue to work closely with CD Surveys Ltd on a number of other projects, both big and small, which you'll see shortly.

It’s been a real pleasure, cheers! *raising our glasses*
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