Lime Events Limited

Unfortunately not every provider of design services are loyal and easy to work with. It’s not fun and sometimes the loyal and passionate designers feel terrible having to pick up the pieces from an others bad experience. Lime Events Limited approached us with a very similar story, and it gives a bad name.

Fortunately, we were able to help Lime Events in providing and achieving what had been poorly attempted previously. A seamless modern website design and development, enabling a smooth and easy solution for updating their latest event case studies and services, whenever and wherever.

Events organiser website design and develop
Events organiser responsive web design
Events organiser responsive website design
Events organiser website loading screen
Events full desktop website design
Lime Events

We feel we have really got to know the lovely team over at Lime Events Limited, seeing and understanding their work.

It’s been a real pleasure, cheers! *raising our glasses*
See their final outcome,

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