23rd September 2016 Micro Family Post

Genius 60th Birthday Gift for her Uncle

Back in February, my partner, daughters and myself were invited and attended a surprise 60th birthday party of my partners great uncle, John Lucas. In the run up until the big evening, we spent weeks "humming and harring" about what would make a smashingly rememberable, but satisfying gift.

My partner and I weighed up a couple of options, but what we settled on would give a bit of fun for John (and place me in my essence). We decided to take what we know John socially loves to enjoy, give it a personal twist and print it onto 94mm square 1.2mm uncoated beer mats.

Sometimes that perfect gift can't be picked from a shelf, bit it will never be 110% unique and "made" for that person. It takes a careful thought process, knowing them personally and understanding what they love to enjoy and how they'll use the gift. We feel it couldn't of turned out any better - bringing a smile to John every time he lifts his pint of Guinness.

What do you think, leave a comment - have you seen something to inspire you?

Unique Guinness beer mats Unique Guinness beer mats