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While I'm not knee deep in enjoyment with the undertaking of projects, I like to keep my clients and visitors up to date with the latest news and work from my studio and home in London, United Kingdom. Whether it's work life, client problem solving, learning new things, personal or family life - I enjoy telling stories.

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A breakdown of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), as outlined by the ICO (Information Commissioner's Office)

17th November 2017 News Post

It can be quite overwhelming when new laws and regulations are introduced, so for you, I’m going to take everything the ICO have said and reduce it into a type of simplified “crash course”. This will…

The not so “shocking” costs involved for your design and development solutions

12th November 2017 Web Design Post

For years I've witnessed many that seem to enter a state of shock by the proposed costs of design and development services, and to this day I'm still questioning why? Maybe it's because of these try…

Progress on ‘SKOOLping’ and why there's been a substantial delay?

30th October 2017 Micro Post SKOOLping Post

Two steps forward, one step back. It seems with all startups there are hurdles to jump through and bridges to climb, with every step of progress. It just happens that the brand I have come to create…

Aerial footage of Rothesay on the Isle of Bute, Scotland

4th October 2017 Micro Post Inspirational Post

In mid August, we had a short break to visit a small town in sunny Scotland were my father grew up, Rothesay on the Isle of Bute. Some will know that Scotland has a never ending supply of lines and…

Building a Hobbit Adventure for our Kids

28th September 2017 Family Post

As our daughters are growing up, we wanted a sheltered place for them to play in and escape from us, their parents. Possibly a pretty pink Wendy playhouse? Being a creative and DIY “hands on” kind of…

Updated Terms and Conditions - September 2017

18th September 2017 Micro Post News Post

I’ve rolled out a few small changes to my terms and conditions. So to help you keep track, I’ve listed the changes so you don’t have to pull your hear out trying to find what’s updated have been…

A much needed Spotify widget for the Notification Center

20th June 2017 Micro Post Inspirational Post

Since installing the new operating system, OS X Yosemite, like many I've noticed a hell of a lot of new great features and design. But, being an every day MacBook user, I'm finding some pretty cool,…

Starting 2016 with old challenges

20th June 2017 Inspirational Post

Like every Tom, Dick and Harry in the land, I set myself new targets and challenges at the start of every year. Do I ever achieve them, behave yourself! It’s so frustrating telling you that, but even…

Hellish Gelish "nail polished" business cards

13th January 2017 Micro Post Print Design Post

Hellish Gelish is my partners own venture. I created her a unique and bespoke design for her business cards, using a simple and typography style vision complimented by a printing method called 'Spot…

Genius 60th Birthday Gift for her Uncle

23rd September 2016 Micro Post Family Post

Back in February, my partner, daughters and myself were invited and attended a surprise 60th birthday party of my partners great uncle, John Lucas. In the run up until the big evening, we spent weeks…