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While I'm not knee deep in enjoyment with the undertaking of projects, I like to keep my clients and visitors up to date with the latest news and work from my studio and home in London, United Kingdom. Whether it's work life, client problem solving, learning new things, personal or family life - I enjoy telling stories.

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'There Is No Cloud' Copyright Protection

12th September 2016 Latest Feed Post

I wouldn’t dream of stealing another designers work and reselling it as my own. HELL NO! That would place myself in the same category as the thieving scummy $&£#’ers that stole my design and many…

There is no cloud: Getting to #1 in the Sticker Mule Marketplace

21st April 2016 Micro Post News Post

The Sticker Mule marketplace has been growing rapidly over the past couple of years. Sticker Mule loves seeing applications and designs being submitted every day — but in the past year a few new…

Your New Website Statistics Dashboard

13th April 2016 Micro Post Latest Feed Post

Since the new year, we've been working hard between projects to improve features and services that we provide to you - more specifically, within your Content Management System (CMS). One of the…

My 'There Is No Cloud' Sticker

13th February 2016 News Post

Never in a million years did I expect my sticker, ‘There is No Cloud’, to go the way it did. It’s just a pretty simple 8.13 x 6.45 cm die cut sticker. But unbelievably it went global! Like many…

4th Month Into Self-Employment

14th February 2014 Micro Post News Post

Jee. Taking a step back, it's been almost 4 months already. Holy Crap! Cutting a 5 year story into a nut shell, I previously worked for a secondary school within an IT department. It wasn't any…

Setting 5 Goals For 2014

1st February 2014 Inspirational Post

A warm welcome to 2014, I wish you all a happy New Year. It's the start of a New Year for us all, and funny enough it's also that time where 99.9% of us feel the need to set ourself new year…