14th January 2016 Print Design Case Study

My new bespoke embossed kraft business cards

Personal Project

It had just passed my 2 year anniversary of working as a self employed designer, so thought I’d treat myself to some brand spanking new creative business cards, aka ‘give outs’. My old ones were boring, to plain. I wanted something that gave impact and had that “va-va-voom”. Combing ideas can sometimes look great, or look crap. I’ll let you be the judge of the turn out on this idea…

Project goal

I had an open goal, but a vision. My vision was to create a business card for myself which looked great, felt great, had quality smeared all over it, but also was branded, unique and nothing else alike. I wanted the business cards to also feel like they had a "hand crafted" feeling. Let the challenge begin!

  • Construction of business cards

    The business cards combined of a spoke die cut sticker, bespoke emboss press and black printed blank kraft business cards. 

    Construction of business cards
  • The bespoke final outcome

    After combining all the sourced materials from multiple third-party suppliers, the final outcome of my bespoke business cards looked great - very happy!

    The bespoke final outcome

Lessons Learned

I've learned a lesson that I previously knew, but never actually put it into practice until now. You should never let a supplier or designer put you off your vision just becaue it's not available "on the shelf". You source the materials, from different suppliers if needed, and you put your own touch and time into combining materials to create something unique and quite special. 


As an overall conclusion, I feel my vision of how I wanted my business cards was a success - everything turned out as expected. It goes to prove that with the right materials, suppliers and a bit of time, real bespoke one of a kind ideas can turn into something great!

A massive thank you to Exaprint.co.uk for the bespoke labels and embosser, and Printer.com for the Kraft business cards.