Side & Passion


Side projects and passion projects, either way you view them, both can (and normally will) inspire an onlooker. They are projects that push you to explore your inner creativity and personality.

I'm passionate about creativity, the internet of technologies, and starting new and exciting things. Constantly being creative inspires me to tap into something bigger which may not be able to do so in a 9-to-5. Something which I can think outside of the box with, potentially exploring with no boundaries.

Below are some of the side projects and passion projects I've entertained over the years. Some are exciting and some are worthy, but others are questionable. 🫣



Imagine a job and careers site that gives YOU, the applicant, the best job or career application experience possible. That is our mission at JoyApplicant: prioritise the applicant while they apply for a new job or the next step in their career. It matters!

More details will be shared at a later date.

Check the JoyApplicant project out at


While working at Suntory, I became part of a team which rolled out the project management software Wrike. It took a few years for all business planning and projects to migrate into Wrike, but during that time I became very familiar with the platform.

After I became familiar with the features Wrike offered, it quickly became clear to me that there was something missing. I recognised a hole within Wrike's large audience which hadn't been tailored for. This is what sparked the idea of Wrikified.

Wrikified is a simple tool to use alongside Wrike. It was built for production teams, removing the noise and clutter from Wrike. It enabled managers to continue to use the most powerful work management software, but have it simplified for their production teams.

Check the Wrikified project out at


This is a side project that I am very passionate about. It's based on an idea which I've had for many many years, maybe one day I'll get around to putting pen to paper.

More details will be shared at a later date.

SweepScore (Football Sweepstake)

SweepScore is a bespoke designed and built football sweepstake web application. The app was built around the realtime data provided by Sportmonks, with an added feature enabling users to connect their Strava account for extra health and wellbeing points.

I built and deployed the Beta release to users back in 2021, which fell in alignment with the Men's Euros Football Championship. The platform quickly became a huge success amongst users, enabling them to compete and tease one another on becoming top of the leader board.

I was fortunate enough to have Suntory Beverage & Food Europe as the first Beta users.

During this time, I learnt a lot about how the app was being accepted, used, collecting user feedback, and obviously fixed an array of bugs. With all this data and insight, I had a dream to make the idea into something special.

Since the early Beta and analysing the data, the idea has since been rebuilt and grown into something unique, with bigger intentions. I've had a dream to make the project available for others to use, or possibly even open-source before the close of 2023. Let's see what happens. 😉


The SKOOLping mission was to bring modern technology and high quality design to the educational comms space. Enabling a rich and seamless communication function for the teacher-to-parent community.

I had a working background in the education sector, therefore had seen first hand how the education sector was always left behind with design and technology.

SKOOLping was going to become a game changer. Ensuring a beautifully designed and reliable service was available for all types of education pillars. Regular updates would ensure SKOOLping was aligned with todays tech, all managed by the user through a simple UI.

This was really exciting for education providers!

My Childs Diary

Becoming a first time dad in 2010 and having a curious creative mind, an idea sparked of building a web based platform called My Childs Diary.

The over arching idea was right in the name. This would become a place for parents to record and capture their Childs life as they unfolded. With premium features, which would take all the recorded memories and put them into both a printed and digital book for the user to cherish.

Unfortunately the build was much to slow, due to the juggling of parenthood and my 9-to-5 day job. This inevitability meant a competitor beat me to market, little over 2 years later.

After the failure of My Childs Diary, I aspired to put new ideas on the table. One of my other early ideas in 2011, was to create a place for users to easily and quickly locate the food they loved and craved.

Looking back at the idea, it could be imagined as another Just Eat or Deliveroo- you could order your food online, but you'd need to get off your sofa to collect (or eat in the restaurant).