Hey ChatGTP, what type of Digital Marketing would you use?

I had one of those random and spontaneous thoughts. It involved asking ChatGPT a simple marketing question which would be interesting to see answered.

Free UX Design & Deploy Process Template for Figma

We know the UX Design and deploy process, and we know what’s to be done. But isn’t it nice to get a little reassurance and free UX stuff once in a while?

Lucozade Energy + Xbox Halo Makes ESA Award Shortlist

Fresh into 2023 and we already have HUGE news! We’re in the shortlist for the ESA Award for outstanding campaigns and sponsorships in esports and gaming

Design for Award Winner campaign Lucozade Sport: Movers List

PRWeek category winner for ‘Best Influencer Marketing Campaign’ goes to Lucozade Sport: The Movers List by The Academy for Lucozade Sport

E-commerce Digital Marketing 101– the absolute basics!

When it comes to e-commerce, and driving growth and sales, the ‘basics’ are a foundation for anyone running an online store will need to build from.

Remember that Isle of Bute, Scotland footage I took?

It’s made a handful of appearances within a Channel 5 true crime documentary, examining the unsolved murder of Ann Heron.

My first article, written 100% by Artificial Intelligence

I'm making a pledge. To post at least one article per month on a subject about tech, which has been written purely by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Building my 1950s Lego Typewriter 21327

I’m not the first to admit, I love a good lego kit– or any lego for that matter! Although they must be interesting, fun & keep me occupied for hours!

Keep Us Moving, ethical response to COVID-19 Award shortlist

Lucozade Sport is shortlisted for an ESA Award. The Keep Us Moving initiative, for the best ethical response to COVID-19 in sport– that’s pretty special!

An original podcast feature, Command Line Heroes by Red Hat

Interviewed by Red Hat Software, my ‘There is no Cloud’ sticker design is featured for their new original podcast Command Line Heroes

Snow impacts education websites, it's crucial they're ready

Snow sweeps across the country, the online world of online education takes a 15,600% hit. Why would it, doesn’t it seem obvious at first?

Azure Web App vs. VM? The better solution for your web host

I'll focus on two hosting solutions provided by Microsoft Azure, and why using the Web App for your hosting may not actually be the best solution

Beta Launch the official SKOOLping® landing page website

Progressing the SKOOLping App landing page ideas and concepts into production and Beta launch

6 Goals for 2018 - Focus, Progress and Experiment

Rolling into a new year, always and naturally means setting new personal and business goals

Meltdown and Spectre Vulnerability CPU Flaw Update

Confirmed security and protection against Meltdown & Spectre, a CPU flaw from CPU vulnerability that could effect your hosting infrastructure

2017 Christmas Adverts and their Meanings

The line up for the 2017 Christmas adverts are promising, and starting early it seams. I’ve seen some with great meaning, and others are just shit

How to create PFX Certs and install SSL on Azure Web Apps

Not sure about SSL, CSR, PFX, CRT, P7B and manage a Cloud Hosting (like Azure), then you may find it confusing when asked to supply a PFX files

A brief breakdown of GDPR, as outlined by the ICO

It can be overwhelming when new laws and regulations are introduced. So for you, I've taken everything the ICO outlined and reduce it into a crash course

Fun Fact: There is NO "shocking" cost for a web solution

For years, I've witnessed so many leads that enter a state of shock by the costs of design, web and development services. But why?

Football ground street signs are wrong, says fan - BBC NEWS

The tussle at its heart? Whether the football on British road signs should be an accurate depiction of the real thing

SKOOLping progress and why the delay?

Two steps forward, one step back. It seems with all startups there are hurdles to jump through and bridges to climb, with every step of progress

14 Freelancers Share Failures & Lessons Learnt

FAILURE. It’s a big scary word for all of us and something we try to avoid throughout our lives. It is even scarier for those of us who are self-employed

Aerial footage of Rothesay on the Isle of Bute, Scotland

In mid August, we had a short break to visit a small town in sunny Scotland were my father grew up, Rothesay on the Isle of Bute

Building a Kids Hobbit Adventure Play House for our Kids

As our daughters are growing up, we wanted a sheltered place for them to play in and escape from us, their parents. Possibly a pretty pink Wendy playhouse?

The missing Spotify widget for Mac OS Notification Center

The new X Yosemite OS is a hell of an update and great features, but something is missing

Hellish Gelish 'Nail Polish' Business Card Design

I designed Hellish Gelish a unique and bespoke business card, featuring a simple and typography style, complimented by a printing method of Spot 3D UV

Guinness 60th Birthday Beer Mats Gift for my Partners Uncle

We decided to take what we know John socially loves to enjoy, give it a personal twist and print it onto 94mm square 1.2mm uncoated beer mats.

There is no cloud: Getting #1 on Sticker Mule Marketplace

We connected with Chris Watterston the creator of the now famous and #1 bestselling "There is no cloud" sticker to answer those questions.

The Success of my 'There Is No Cloud' Sticker

Never in a million years did I expect my sticker, ‘There is No Cloud’, to go the way it did. But unbelievably it went global!

My new bespoke embossed kraft business cards

I wanted the business cards to also feel like they had a "hand crafted" feeling. Let the challenge begin!

5 Goals for 2016 - Focus, Progress and Experiment

Like every Tom, Dick and Harry, I set myself new targets and challenges at the start of every year. Do I ever achieve them, behave yourself!