2017 Christmas Adverts and their Meanings

The line up for the 2017 Christmas adverts are promising, and starting early it seams. I’ve seen some with great meaning, and others are just shit

Photo by Tom Rickhuss, via Unsplash - https://unsplash.com/photos/mXvgSOsnPx0

The line up so far for this years Christmas adverts are promising, and starting early it seams. I’ve seen some with true meaning, and others with no meaning behind them (apart from the general message of “this is what we sell”).

Without looking into their true meanings, I’ll outline what message I get from first impression watching, explained in a nutshell, but not in a long winded way - I won’t be getting the nutcracker out just yet (pun intended).

BBC One - The Supporting Act

This is an advert that I can relate to. I have a family that want my attention, but I also have to give attention to my business. Similar to this fantastic advert, I work but at the same time also pay attention to what's happening around me. The hard working single father in this advert works every second of the day, but when the time finally come that he can show his daughter that he does, it’s too late and she storms out the room. The night of the Winter Show finally comes and she’s seen peeking through the curtains looking for her dad, but thinks work has taken priority yet again. But to her surprise, her loving dad is watching. He realises her nerves, puts away his phone and stands up. From the back of the hall, he supports her by showing that he DID pay attention to her every move. This is a very well thought out and stunning advert, and defiantly my #1 for the 2017 Christmas Advert lineup.

M&S - Paddington & The Christmas Visitor

M&S show the gift of giving when Paddington assists a burglar, that Paddington mistakes for Santa, to deliver all the presents to the the children (that he had really just stolen). After their night together, the burglar takes a turn for the better and realises that the gift of giving is a much warm hearted way. Watch the M&S advert

John Lewis - #MozTheMonster

John Lewis are showing that just a little thought into a gift, can be truly beautiful. Like many children, the boy doesn’t get much sleep because the “monster under the bed” keeps him awake during the night. And after time it really starts to show. The monster decides to do the right thing and give a gift of a night light to help the boy sleep at nights - putting his mind at rest about the monster. Watch the John Lewis advert

Asda - Best Christmas Ever

I’m not sure what message I get from Asda's advert, apart from that their food gets made in a unique Elf factory. It somewhat reminds me of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. A second watch gives the impressions that maybe they want to show how much dedication they put in the quality of their food? Watch the Asda advert 

Debenhams - #YouShall Find Your Fairytale Christmas (Part 1 & 2)

This is like watching a series on TV, maybe a Cinderella type cliff hangers. A story line that relates to reality, with social media sharing their story to help find her shoe. Their reunion leaves your heart warm and waiting for your wedding invite - stunning. Watch the Debenhams advert

Sainsbury’s - #everybitofChristmas

Sainsbury’s theme this years is a catchy one, although I likely won’t be learning it this tune. But I’m not sure what the message is here - any ideas? Watch the Sainsbury's advert

Tesco - Turkey, Every Which Way

The title of Tesco’s Christmas Advert speaks for itself, and is enough too warm the cockles of one's heart. Tesco shows that whatever family relation you are; religion, race, culture - you are welcome at Tesco. Everyone is welcome at Christmas and to celebrate. Watch the Tesco advert

Barbour - The Snowman and The Snowdog

I’ve always been a fan of Barbour, their range shows quality. Watching their advert, they tell a story about a Snowman that gave a little boy a dog for Christmas. Years pass and the little boy turns into an Adult, who turns into a parent, who remembers the his old friend, The Snowman, at this giving time of the year. Christmas morning arrives, and so does the much loved and ever giving Snowman. But this year, the not so little boy’s family give back to the Snowman, showing that his gifts were never forgotten - It just happens that this gift is a Barbour waxed coat. Give something worth remembering this Christmas, with quality. Watch the Barbour advert

Argos - #ReadyForTakeOff

Argos will pulls out all the stops to ensure delivery of your Christmas. Even if it means side swiping approx 4 meters behind a taking of jet plane, in an open top “golf buggy”! Watch the Argos advert

Aldi - Kevin The Carrot

Aldi shows this with Kevin the carrot, and his ordeal across an express trains dining table, with an impressive spread. He eventually falls in the arms of his “love at first sight”, and saves her from peeing herself. Aldi push a message that Christmas is a time for loved ones to come together, and it's worth peeing yourself for the ones you love - just don't do it in public! Watch the Aldi advert 

Lidl - Mince Pie Maverick

This advert is directed towards me. I’m a bit of a mince pie fan boy, and just watching this makes me weak at the knees - just the thought of a piping hot mince pie with cold cream, oh sh*t! The price seems reasonable for mince pies, too. Watch the Lidl advert

House of Fraser - Bring Merry Back

We all have that annoying someone, whether it’s around Christmas or just generally every day. House of Fraser shows that we should push that feeling aside (however annoying they are) and bring Merry back with a smile, gift and love all around. Watch the House of Fraser advert 

Toys 'R' Us - Geoffrey the Part Time Reindeer

Toys ‘R’ Us shows that they can provide every gift, and it's all located under one roof - and it seems that even the reindeers can’t resist. Thankfully the long and loyal Geoffery is here to help yet again, from stacking the shelves to pulling Santa around in his sleigh and putting presents down our chimneys. Watch the Toys 'R' Us advert 

Currys PC World - Ahmed’s Run

This one brought a smile to my face as it relates to real life events. A Currys PC World employee is trialing products prior to selling them in store, enabling him to understand how and what they can be used for. I thought this was a good one as it had comedy roots, and again has real meaning behind it. Watch the Currys PC World advert 

Co-op - Christmas is coming together

Another heart warning advert about coming together. Similar to that of Tesco, it shows different religions, race and cultures. All coming together and enjoying this time of the year - showing that love really is the greatest gift. Watch the Co-op advert 

Have I missed one, or one you think needs to have a place? Comment a link and your thoughts below.

Have a Merry Christmas & happy new year!

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