The missing Spotify widget for Mac OS Notification Center

The new X Yosemite OS is a hell of an update and great features, but something is missing

The Missing Spotify Mac OS Widget, by Chris Watterston

Since installing the new operating system, OS X Yosemite, like many I've noticed a hell of a lot of new great features and design. But, being an every day Mac user, I'm finding some things pretty cool and some also pretty annoying.

The first two that jumped out within a matter of minutes of using the new update, were the very annoying 'Fetching...' when selecting 'Open With' on a chosen file, and lastly the 'Where' data when viewing a files info!

Pushing that aside, one of the new potential-injected features of the latest release, is the new Notification Center (NC).

Third-parties have the power to throw bespoke widgets at this from all kinds of angles!

With this in mind, I decided to pull together a little Spotify idea that would bring a smile to my face, and I'm sure many others.

Hint, hint, nudge nudge Spotify 😘 

Created for fun and an idea I would love to see come to life.

Disclaimer: This application / widget concept is an unofficial design from Spotify. You cannot buy, subscribe or download Spotify services or products via my website. Brand credits to Spotify USA Inc.

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