Keep Us Moving, ethical response to COVID-19 Award shortlist

Lucozade Sport is shortlisted for an ESA Award. The Keep Us Moving initiative, for the best ethical response to COVID-19 in sport– that’s pretty special!

Keep Us Moving, ethical response to COVID-19 Award shortlist

We made the ESA Award shortlist. As the nation went into lockdown due to COVID-19, Lucozade Sport embarked on a mission. The Mission was to support the thousands of personal trainers, coaches and instructors who were no longer able to do what they do best.

In the space of just two weeks and with the help of two-time heavyweight world champion, Anthony Joshua, Lucozade Sport launched the ‘Keep Us Moving’ initiative.

At the heart of the campaign was an initial £100K Movement Fund that would support the fitness professionals through lockdown and the restrictions that were affecting their industry. Lucozade Sport challenged thousands of personal trainers, coaches and instructors to send Lucozade Sport a filmed 15-minute home workout showcasing their talent and expertise. Each successful applicant was then given the opportunity to shine on the Lucozade Sport social media channels when their workout went live, receiving £1K from the Movement Fund in the process.

The winning personal trainers, coaches and instructors home workouts are available on the Lucozade Sport YouTube channel.

You can find out more about the ESA Awards and the 2021 winners and shortlist via

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