Beta Launch the official SKOOLping® landing page website

Progressing the SKOOLping App landing page ideas and concepts into production and Beta launch

SKOOLping App, App Loading Screen Concept

Nearing the end of 2017, we pushed the SKOOLping landing page concepts into production. This involved the creation of the page website design in Photoshop, then development of a functional working website, with scheduled Beta launch in early 2018.

The purpose of the SKOOLping landing page, is to make available our direction and vision. The vision, to become the leader for education providers to communicate with their community directly.

The early stages of the SKOOLping project took little over two months to carry out; sketch, concept designs, develop and finally move into a launch-able phase. This stage of the project can now be marked as complete.

Although the landing page content will continue to be developed and grow as things progress with the apps functionality in the background.

Therefore without further adieu, please take a loot at the official SKOOLping website:

Visit the Official SKOOLping website

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