My first article, written 100% by Artificial Intelligence

I'm making a pledge. To post at least one article per month on a subject about tech, which has been written purely by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Image Created from Description and AI, by DALL-E

Description for AI Model:

Wrike a story that can be read in 5 minutes, about how Artificial Intelligence will soon write blog articles about things it hasn't actually experienced because it doesn't have an existence.

Artificial Intelligence is rapidly becoming smarter and more efficient every day. One area where AI is becoming increasingly prevalent is in writing blog articles. AI can research and write these articles faster than any human can, and sometimes even better.

However, there is a downside to this. Because AI doesn't have an existence, it can't actually experience the things it writes about. This means that, while AI-written blog articles may be informative, they may also be inaccurate.

For example, an AI might write a blog article about what it's like to go to a concert. But because the AI has never been to a concert, it can only go off of what it has read or seen in videos. This means that the AI's article might not be entirely accurate.

As AI continues to become smarter and more prevalent, it's important to remember that, while AI-written articles can be helpful, they may not always be completely accurate.

So the first post wasn't that exciting, not surprising! But as we learn, get to know how the model works and to leverage OpenAI, we're bound to see some improvement for future posts.


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