SKOOLping progress and why the delay?

Two steps forward, one step back. It seems with all startups there are hurdles to jump through and bridges to climb, with every step of progress

SKOOLping App, App Loading Screen Concept

Two steps forward, one step back. It seems with all startups there are hurdles to jump through and bridges to climb, with every step of progress. It just happens that the brand I have come to create for our communication app includes a particular four letter word, “ping” - which made things a little more challenging.

I submitted the trademark application for SKOOLping back in January 2017, but unluckily received an opposition letter in March 2017 against the application. Acknowledging this opposition, all design and development work for SKOOLping was put on hold until further notice.

The opposition received was sent on behalf of Karsten Manufacturing Corporation, holder of the well-known worldwide trademark PING. The representative of the letter clearly highlighted that the PING trademark is an extremely well-known brand of golfing equipment, with the registered trademark widely around the world. The letter also specifically included a copy of the oppositions EU Trade Mark Registration, which covered further broad terms and details.

Fast-forward a number of months and the sending of many emails to specialised trademark lawyers and associates, myself and Karsten Manufacturing Corporation came to a trusted, fair and workable agreement. Our contract of agreement, thankfully enabled SKOOLping to continue without withdrawing the trademark application. But quite rightly, Karsten did requested that I submit a form TM21B to the IPO, requesting to amend the trademarks actable classes and terms. The change myself and Karsten agreed upon, included the update of ‘Class 9’ to clearly quote the following; “Software application enabling communication methods between an education provider and parents and/or guardians.”

Your Understanding

I truly hoped to launch the Beta of SKOOLping in April 2017, but due to the outlined reason, progress has been hugely delayed. But these unfortunate things do happen and we have to work through them. Yes it has undeniably slowed the overall progress of my vision to a halt, but it has also allowed my passion for this project to build up momentum inside. Including the thought of some exciting new ideas! The skies have cleared again for now and I can now continue to progress with SKOOLping.

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