Launching the new Lucozade Mega Brand Digital Platform

‘Lucozade’ spans across multiple sub-brands, which has resulted in inconsistency of the brand— leading to consumer confusion and disconnection.

Lucozade Mega Brand Website Platform Design, by Chris Watterston

In 2021, Lucozade aligned to 5 strategic shifts, opening up to huge digital opportunity. Of these shifts, two points spoke louder. (1) People don’t understand why or when to buy Lucozade sub-brand products, and secondly but not least (2) There is inconsistency in the way the Lucozade sub-brands communicate across all digital platforms.

In 2021 @TED Team will be launching a brand new mega brand approach website, under the parent brand ‘Lucozade’.

This new approach would be going live on the Lucozade top-level website from Q1 2022, with consideration to sub-brand pre-scheduled activations and their closure dates. The project and launch of a new best-in-class Lucozade mega brand approach website, had received approval from all sub-brand leaders and directors.

“I have had the absolute pleasure of working with Chris on a number of really key projects for the Lucozade Brand. Chris never fails to bring a really creative lens to these projects, and adds an incredible amount of value throughout the process with his forward thinking and problem solving, agile mind set.”

“I worked with Chris on the Megabrand website which has really delivered a step-change to the brand since launch. Chris delivered an incredible user journey and great representation of the brand through creative process and disruptive use of visuals throughout. Since launch we’ve seen huge uplift in conversion and sales through this website”

Phil Goldsmith - Lucozade Energy Assistant Brand Manager


The objective was to align and use digital to consistently deliver positive energy in a relevant way to reach more drinkers, remain top of mind and drive sales online and offline. In order to achieve and output a best-in-class solution with consistency, Lucozade sub-brands are shifting to reflect a collated mega brand approach. Bringing the Lucozade sub-brands back under the parent brand.

Lucozade would be restructuring the sub-brands into a single mega brand website, the epicentre of the mega brand— One Brand. One website. One focus.

Originally, there were two e-commerce entities. Lucozade Energy contains three sub-brands, and Lucozade Sport containing two sub-brands. We would house these under one single epicentre mega brand e-commerce website, with the flexibility to add more sub-brands in the future.

My Role

During the project, my role spanned across many pieces. Starting from the proposal and strategy creation for Information Architect (IA) and content, through to design and running user data collection campaigns.

Strategies covered areas of e-commerce, social and third-parties, content, email comms, automation, personalisation and analytics. The initial duration of the project would span across 24 months, with a number of launching phases, oriented around user-centered ways of working.

The data collection campaigns painted pictures on what our consumer want to see from Lucozade– avoiding assumptions. Results helped us with decision making, and reassured that consumers what to buy our products, and indulge in articles and content from the brand they love.

When it came to the content management system and infrastructure, I worked closely with our partner @Holograph in brining this to life.








Unfortunately we only launched the new platform on 30th May 2022, therefore too early to add this section. I will update this section in due course.


Unfortunately we only launched the new platform on 30th May 2022, therefore too early to add this section. I will update this section in due course.

*Due to confidentiality, I am unable to share all our learnings.


TED Team (Suntory GB&I In-house Creative Agency)

The TED Team are the in-house creative agency set within Suntory GB&I.

Working along side the Suntory brands located at their head office (literally holding hands), the team are able to use their skill set to develop and execute and achieve creative, impactful campaigns. A skill set spanning across strategists, designers, copywriters, producers, developers, social, and so much more. The team delivered a lot of the marketing campaigns you’ve seen on TV, OOH, online, bus sides, etc.

Over the years, the TED Team have been crucial in delivering campaigns, such as ITV Love Island, Missguided, Tomb Raider (Larazade) Xbox Halo, Hasbro Gaming– to name just a few!

Holograph Digital

Everyone has a story. Holograph’s involves helping brands tell theirs via exceptional digital experiences.

Throughout the years, we have accomplished this by developing proprietary websites and eCommerce systems for businesses of all types, sizes and geographies. But we are always evolving and have expanded into other sectors such as machine learning, AI, robotics and wearable technology. We never settle, and neither should you. That's why we continually extend our Digital Experience Platform (DXP) to ensure we push the boundaries within the IT industry and deliver you the most highly innovative products and online 'connected' solutions we can.   We've learned how to scale for our clients, offering 'nodes' of Holograph to our customers to allow them to manage significant parts of the hosting process themselves or keep data where they need it.   For more information about Holograph, visit

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