Lucozade Sport Internal Step Challenge Product Design

Suntory Steppers is a 60-day movement challenge. The more colleagues move, the better their chances of winning HUGE prizes becomes!

Lucozade Sport Steppers Challenge Strava Dashboard Design, by Chris Watterston

The marketing leadership team approached @TED Team, with the desire to run an internal business Lucozade Sport step challenge, for all colleagues of Suntory GB&I. Using an off the shelf solution wasn’t an option for us, mainly due to budget and accessibility.

The platform had to be simple and intuitive. Almost completely automated from a platform and users perspective. But not only that, we had to ensure everyone knew what they were required to do.


To kick-off our 2022 New Year celebrations and office returns, Suntory GB&I wanted to host a Step Challenge for all employees to participate in. The challenge would be a 60-day movement challenge. The more colleagues move, the better their chances of winning HUGE prizes becomes!

After extensive research, we decided to build a platform which leveraged @Strava functionality. We would develop web hook integrations and output captured user data into simple and understandable dashboards.

But this meant for users to participate, they were required to have an active Strava account. This would be the #1 blocker for employees to not take part, as an account creation may be rejected if they don’t already have one.

My Role

My role involved the design and development of the user facing comms and dashboards. I took on the digital product management, production and data analysis.

If I didn’t meet the goals for any piece of my puzzle, the whole project would crumble.


Participant number were low, very low. Out of the total Suntory GB&I, less than 8% took part– shocker!

Researching into why these participant numbers were so low, came down to 3 main reasons.

The first reason, which failed to create a sense of user desire and a want to take part, came down to the prizes being offered for winners. When TED Team first scoped the prize proposals, prize scales included;

  • 1st Place: Win a generous £1000 worth of vouchers for

  • 2nd Place: Win a generous £500 worth of vouchers for

  • 3rd Place: Win a generous £250 worth of vouchers for

  • 4th to 20th Place: Receive a £50 Amazon Gift Card

Also, being a challenge which spanned across 60 days, we also proposed weekly prizes which enabled users to expense a takeaway for your family.

The business quickly pushed back on these, and instead wanted us to reach out to the brands teams and see what goodies we could get from them.

The second reason, I believed was due to the strict internal comms policies. The policy limited us to only send comms on set days, and were’t allowed to be full comms take overs. We designed an array of email comms, which we proposed to trigger every week, for 4 weeks running to the challenge start date, aiming for user penetration. #Persistence

Lastly, the reason we believe would be number #1, in fact wasn’t. If the desire to take part is compelling enough to users, creating a Strava account was merely a shadow in the dark.


TED Team (Suntory GB&I In-house Creative Agency)

The TED Team are the in-house creative agency set within Suntory GB&I.

Working along side the Suntory brands located at their head office (literally holding hands), the team are able to use their skill set to develop and execute and achieve creative, impactful campaigns. A skill set spanning across strategists, designers, copywriters, producers, developers, social, and so much more. The team delivered a lot of the marketing campaigns you’ve seen on TV, OOH, online, bus sides, etc.

Over the years, the TED Team have been crucial in delivering campaigns, such as ITV Love Island, Missguided, Tomb Raider (Larazade) Xbox Halo, Hasbro Gaming– to name just a few!


Being part of the Strava community is a commitment to respect: we respect each other, ourselves and the rules. When we all share mutual respect, we all win. Here’s how we make that happen and what we expect of our members. Continue reading at

Strava is supportive and accessible for all individuals, with any fitness level or physical disability. Strava has worked with many charities and foundations, such as The Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF) and Cyclone Mobility.   For more information about Strava, visit

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