St Paul’s Escaped Sharepoint for a Responsive Web Solution

St Paul’s Catholic College are an incredible group of talented individuals who have a passion to teach.

St Pauls Catholic College Website

Since relaunch 5 months ago, St Paul’s website has had a continuation of fantastic results. Since creating and enabling a truly broad responsive website design solution, we’ve seen a steady increase in mobile users by 111.80%, and an overall bounce rate improvement by 11.55%. The results simply speak for themselves.

Project goal

St Paul’s Catholic College are an incredible group of talented individuals who have a passion to teach. With a proven track record of growing from strength to strength with every passing academic year, St Paul’s was continuing to heighten themselves but unfortunately their online expectation was merely frozen in time. Their in-house website administration team were unable to swiftly update the content effortlessly on the limited original Microsoft SharePoint platform, and unable to enable parents, students and potential admissions to seamlessly visit and use their website on all possible devices. St Paul’s Catholic College understood that their website was falling behind and something needed to be done - quickly!

Process and research

Having previously been employed within the education sector for 5 years, and now continuing to work alongside helping them for a further 4 years, I understand that brand consistency doesn’t always transpire throughout nurseries, schools, colleges or universities. It was my job to ensure that the brand of St Paul’s is properly continued through their newly designed responsive website.

The project began by ensuring I knew why their previous outdated website was failing and understanding the vision for improvement. Working alongside the Network Manager and leadership team at St Paul’s Catholic College, we set about creating a strategy aligned with their brand’s ambition and audience’s desires.


Since relaunching their new website, there has been a steep and steady increase of visitors, mostly mobile, through to their new website. It’s proven obvious that once visitors became apparent of the redesign and development to support mobile responsiveness, more visitors felt comfortable clicking through and viewing on their mobile devices.

With the relaunch approximately 5 months ago, the results are staggering on how much of an improvement a modern and responsive website has given. We’ve split the time since relaunch down the middle and compared the two results side-by-side to see really how much difference compatibility support does make.

"Thank you for the work you did with the redesign of our website, we have been getting very good feedback since its relaunch. Having a mobile enabled site with a fully integrated content management system is proving to be very useful, and also proving to be a key tool in communicating with our future, past and present pupils and parents. Once again, many thanks for your help and support throughout the entire process."

Network Manager

Providing such an individual and reliable web solution that supports the broad compatibilities which are truly needed within this day and age on the web, has been an absolute pleasure. Collaboratively working alongside St Paul’s Catholic College has enabled me to effectively "slingshot" their online presence back into motion, therefore allowing their in-house administrators to take back control.

Not only have I provided the design and development of their website solution, but also the continued hosting, support and monitoring of the solution. This again, has provided fantastic results such as 99.9% website uptimes and 359ms average response rates, over the past 5 months.

No doubt there will be a guaranteed continuation of fantastic results to come in the near future.

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